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ELIZA ELIZA is a brand of sustainable conscious bags with meaning.  

The founder Elizabeth started bags of meaning when she found herself teaching about sustainability to her high-school students, yet not making the connection in her personal life and still buying fast fashion. She left teaching to have her three boys and found herself behind a sewing machine. It was then that her sustainability journey truly started.

Between partnering with charities, listening to the issues that matter and promoting messages that mean something to her, her collections continue to grow and open up discussions for the essential topics that she cares about.

By buying ELIZA ELIZA, you are making a change and raising awareness on these causes, and she thanks you for allowing her to become a part of that.

Her bags are made of Hemp as it is a sustainable crop due to not needing as much water or pesticides as cotton.

Beyond being antifungal and antibacterial, this fabric is hardwearing whilst softening over time giving beautiful and unique characteristics to your Eliza Eliza bag the more you use it.

ELIZA ELIZA is supporting the following charities:


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For more information, please visit her website: