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Focus Charity: La Maison des Femmes
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Focus Charity: La Maison des Femmes

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  • One in three women has been a victim of violence in the world
  • In France, a woman dies every three days under the blows of her spouse
  • 40% of cases of domestic violence begin during the first pregnancy
  • 7% of women will be raped during their lifetime
  • 86% of rapes or attempts are perpetrated by relatives
  • 720 million girls are victims of early marriages
  • Nearly 130 million women have been excised
  • 3.6 billion euros per year: this is the cost of violence against women, in terms of social assistance, care and production capacity

Against these overwhelming numbers, a team of health professionals wanted to provide a practical, pragmatic response: inaugurated in June 2016, at the entrance to the Delafontaine Hospital Center, the Women's House welcomes all vulnerable women or victims of violence in my hometown of Saint-Denis (93). Open directly on the street, it offers a confidential and secure welcome.

From giving access to contraception to providing abortion, giving care around for a excision, a rape or physical or psychological violence, in the family, conjugal or other frame, the teams offer the most adapted care and the more current.

A large network of partners and various associations allow them to redirect patients according to their needs, while giving priority to coordinating their journey.

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