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Monthly Charity: The Pad Project
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Monthly Charity: The Pad Project

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I love watching documentaries on Netflix! They are always thoughts provoking and inspiring and intensely focus on our “now,” the reality we live in.

This weekend, I got to watch “Period, End of Sentence.” It is a short directed by , 25-year old, Rayka Zehtabchi and was released in 2018. In 2019, it received an Academy Award for  Best Documentary.

Set in rural India, it tells the story of how a pad-making machine has empowered women and broken the menstruation taboo. It may only be 26 minutes long, but its message is way too important to ignore!

There has been stigma and taboo around menstruation has existed for decades, if not centuries. People on their periods are often embarrassed to talk about the topic, sometimes struggle to afford sanitary products, and, in certain areas, can even be treated differently from those who don't menstruate. This Oscar-winning documentary about periods is changing the conversation. And now, you can also watch it on Netflix!

These women Indian women are leading a quiet but yet overdue sexual revolution. Funny enough sometimes, they were also ashamed to explicitly reference their periods, using words like "this" instead.

And, of course, many used rags as a makeshift sanitary pad at the beginning. Period. End of Sentence starts by showing this stigma, taking viewers on a journey that ends with a group of confident people who can openly talk about their periods and who are gaining financial independence from making and selling pads.

Watching the documentary is an excellent start to educating yourself about period poverty!

The issue isn't just a problem in countries like India, but a global one. In France, SPM Ta Mère did a crowdfunding campaign to support the creation for web documentary about periods.  

For more information, please visit their website