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How Pre Order works?
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How Pre Order works?

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We practice what we preach so that we are very careful and conscious with our buying process to reduce the impact on the environment and avoid unnecessary production, waste and extensive travel.

That why we are offering our products on a a pre-order basis.

We want to avoid the bad practices of fast fashion industry and strongly believe in slow fashion.

Our products are available on a first come, first serve basis. You can place one order that will ship in 1-4 weeks.

Your credit card will be charged for the full order total at the time you place your order. That means we charge you before your order ships.

To charge you before your order ships is not our preference; in fact, we would prefer to postpone charging you until the day your order ships. 

However, since then, charging in advance of shipment of goods has become such the norm that most shopping carts and payment systems don’t allow for an alternative. This is due in part because of the success of crowdfunding. 

That is why we choose this alternative.

You can, of course, cancel your pre-order at any time and receive a refund.