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The founder of OSIER, Theresa went vegan after seeing documentaries about animal exploitation 4 years back. The food portion of being vegan was easy: vegan burgers, fries and pasta are great options!

What was more challenging was finding fashionable vegan accessories like belts, shoes and bags. Out of her own need for beautiful and cruelty-free designs, she started her own company with Fiona Mitchell as Head of Design.

Osier is a modern, high-end fashion start-up based in Amsterdam. The label combines ethical, timeless, beautiful to offer luxurious, vegan accessories.

They care about people, animals and the planet which is why all of their products are handmade in Europe, using sustainable materials, where no animals are harmed in the manufacturing process.

Their mission is to disrupt the fashion industry, with a focus on sustainability, transparency, and quality.

As a company, they are deeply committed not only to the animals and our planet but also to the people that work for them and make their products.

Which is why they chose to manufacture in Europe in a factory with excellent facilities, standards and certifications.

The same goes for our packaging, dust bags and every other item that they make.

They continuously strive to improve every step of their manufacturing process, using sustainable, eco-friendly materials while keeping our eye out for new, innovative vegan leathers.