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ROZENBROEK is a menswear brand offering sustainably produced men’s shirts,  t-shirts, and underwear.

Jade Rozenbroek started Rozenbroek because she enjoyed the challenge of making clothing that protects the resources and people who are making the product, as well as the problem of extending the lifecycle through good design, education on caring for the garment and repair.

However, she also thinks it is interesting that we can create products that can degrade and give back to the earth at the end of a lifecycle rather than sit in landfills and release toxic fumes.

The aim is to reduce waste while ensuring the products are to the highest standard, the fabrics are transparently produced, and nobody is exploited in the making process.

Rozenbroek was born out of this lack of choice; it was becoming increasingly frustrating for her to buy gifts that she did not believe met the criteria’s important within a design, so she decided to make them rather than purchasing non-sustainable alternatives.

Rozenbroek respect ethical and environmental standards. Please find below a list of its certifications.
 Guaranteed organic origin. Socially responsible and environmentally friendly. 
Certified free of any product which is harmful for the body or the environment.



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