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Sabrian and Sofia first learnt about the disastrous effect of fast fashion during the summer of 2018 after watching the award winning documentary ‘The True Cost’.

Sitting in Hyde Park in London on a warm summer afternoon, chatting about sustainable clothing brands, they realised something was missing. 

Although they were excited to see various sustainable clothing brands rising against fast fashion chains, none of them really captured the vision of what they wanted sustainable clothing to look like.

Whereas most sustainable clothing brands are going for the practical, minimal, basic and sometimes genderless look, they wanted to associate sustainable clothing with uniqueness, quality, elegance and femininity.

"We envision sustainable fashion to be more than just a basic white tee." 

Sabrina Nascimbeni & Sofia Galanek 

They got so excited about their ideas and designs that they couldn’t stop talking about it. There was nothing left to do but start! They spent months learning about sustainable textiles, design and pattern cutting. And when they were ready, they decided to base their brand in Peru. This is because South America has an innovative and growing eco-fashion industry, which they knew would provide plenty of opportunities to combine social and environmental sustainability. 

They decided to partner with Incalpaca, a Peruvian sustainable Alpaca Wool supplier that produces incredibly soft fabrics, and with Ecobotoes, a Brazilian producer of sustainable buttons and buckles.