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The Very Good Candle Company is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free natural goods company, focused on non-toxic, plant-based candles. 

The rapeseed candles are all hand-poured into beautiful recycled amber glass jars in a small studio located in Amsterdam West. 

Sustainability is the focus of The Very Good Candle Company so they avoid using unnecessary packaging materials. They source all their ingredients locally or within the EU to support smaller businesses and reduce our overall carbon footprint. They are glad that nothing has to travel overseas for us.

It was founded by a music-loving couple, Isil and Emre who moved to Amsterdam in May, 2017. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle and following their favourite music bands are their true passions - as well as looking after our two adorable, adopted cats!

Isil is the founder and maker of The Very Good Candle Company. Having worked in marketing over the last 13 years, and upon moving to Amsterdam, some unexpected changes lead her to create something good I truly believe in, and which is %100 ethical. Candles have always been a part of her life. They remind her of fun family times. When the electricity cut out, they always used to gather around the candle light and tell each other stories, which was definitely more fun than what we tend to do now; scroll through our mobiles.

They love for Music and the places they’ve been form the inspiration for their first scented line of candles. The scents are inspired by various music festivals and their unique locations all over the world; Coachella in the Californian desert, Glastonbury in the British rolling hills and Fuji Rock, an incredible festival held in the mountains of Japan.

For more information about her, don't hesitate to visit her website