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Monthly Charity: Voix de Femmes
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Monthly Charity: Voix de Femmes

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 Created in 1998, "Voix de Femmes" is a charity, fighting against forced marriage and against all forms of discrimination and violence related to the control of love choice and sexuality. 

"Voix de Femmes" is the only charity in France working exclusively on this theme. The team accompanies every year more than 200 people, mainly young women, in danger of forced marriage or so-called "honor" crime. They offer them a place of reception, listening and support, whatever their age, nationality and place of residence.

In addition to its mission of accompaniment, the charity also raises awareness, informs and trains the prevention of forced marriage. Because this violence is against the dignity and respect of the human person, the association Voix de Femmes is committed to respecting the free choice of lovers!

Indeed, each year about 250 young women facing forced marriage or in danger of "crime of honor" are listened to, believed, made feel less guilty by the Voix de Femmes team. In 2015, 73% contacted the association before the danger of forced marriage. 

Of the total of these victims:

11% were underage and 74% were under 25 years old.

32% were on the run without resources, 29% went to school, 10.3% worked alternately or with a job.

62% lived in Ile de France, 26% in metropolitan France, 2% made contact from an EU or non-EU country where they were sequestered.

When forced marriage has already been celebrated: 16% were celebrated in France and 74% abroad (EU, outside the EU). 16% of these marriages took place only in front of the civil authorities, 42% are celebrated civilly and religiously and 32% are exclusively customary and/or religious.

43% of victims' requests specifically required security and removal of families and/or spouses through accommodation.

On an international scale :

  • 27 minors forcibly married every minute in the world - Source: NGO Plan
  • 16.5 million minors will be married each year to reach 950 million married women under the age of 18 in 2030. Source UNICEF Ending Child Marriage: Progress and Prospects 2014
  • 700 million women have been victims of forced marriage, and more than one in three have been under-15, or about 250 million - Source : UNICEF Girls Summits Conference 2014
  • The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that up to 5,000 women are victims of "honor killings" each year. - Source : UN


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