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We received $20,000  from Google to scale up!
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We received $20,000 from Google to scale up!

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We have wonderful news! Femme Fatale was accepted to the Google Cloud Platform Startup Program!

This means Google is offering us $20,000 credits on their products!

As a self-funded company, we feel very privileged and thankful as this offer is usually distributed among startups part of an approved VC fund, accelerator, or incubator.

How will this benefit to you?

With Google Cloud PlatformGoogle makes available a large portfolio of services that work great together. It is one of the best cloud solutions for startups!

We will use these credits to create an app hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The aim is to offer a robust, flexible, reliable, and scalable complement to our website.

Google built GCP by using the same infrastructure that Google uses to serve content from sites such as, YouTube, and Gmail. 

We also want to pay it forward and plan on hosting other website/app of companies that have a similar sustainable and empowering agenda.

Stay Tuned!

For more information, don't hesitate to check the program