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Femme Fatale represents the new generation of women. We take actions and strive for a better world. We set the new rules of freedom and gender equality,

We envision fashion as the greatest tool for global female empowerment.

We create and curate garments to support every single girl to live up to her own terms.

No submission.

No domestication.

No pain.

No griefs.

No restriction.

We aspire to design safe environments for girls by boosting their self-esteem and encouraging them to be their most authentic selves without ever compromising.

We empower girls to take actions.

We exist to defeat gender discriminations.

We aim for a more conscious fashion industry in which ethical working conditions and sustainable production processes are the norms.

The industry has the power to make an impact, the power to transform millions of lives and this time is clearly overdue.

Together we can make a change, Join the fashion revolution and let’s build a better world!